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Fine Chocolates - Great Experience (Jean-Pierre Wybauw).

Lançamento de mais um livro de Jean-Pierre Wybauw; Fine Chocolates - Great Experience.

Fine ChocolatesGreat Experienceby Jean-Pierre Wybauw
photographs by Tony Le Duc

Fine Chocolates by Jean-Pierre Wybauw is a serious professional book for the chocolate professional. It is also a great source book of ideas.

This new book will be welcomed by all professional chocolatiers and students of the art.


More than 100 professional and original recipes all accompanied by a full page, full color photograph

Great technical sections covering sugar processing, crystallizing, shelf life, rheology, viscosity, and much more

Full color photographs showing step-by-step progressive techniques
Charts, tables, yield values, temperature controls

Natural and artificial sweeteners

This extensive and practical manual includes a theoretical section with vivid illustrations. It covers everything the chocolatier needs to know about chocolate and sugar processing, rheology and shelf life.

More than 100 mouth-watering and original chocolate recipes are described in detail and illustrated with superb photographs. The introduction of an 'aW' value for chocolates is unique. This is a standard, essential handbook for professionals.


Characteristics of the Most Frequently Used Ingredients
Chocolate Processing
Shelf Life and Factors that Extend Shelf Life
Sugar Processing
Starting Out
Praline Recipes Based on Nuts
Fat-Based Recipes
Fruit-in-Liqueur Chocolates Marzipan and Persipan
Truffles and chocolate Truffle Balls
Fruit Dough

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