terça-feira, 22 de abril de 2008

COMER...Edible Gold for food decoration.

Decoração em ouro (oro, gold) 23 quilates da italiana FRM.
O ouro puro tem 24 quilates.


Produced in standard 8x8 cm sheets in packs of 4 or 25. The sheets can be used for practically any type of food and come on a thin piece of tissue paper making them easier to use. The sheets should not be touched or they will stick to your hands. They are best handled with cotton gloves or with a wooden tweezers.


Each package contains 150 mg of separate petals which have been carefully cut to the right size to decorate various dishes, especially smaller food items such as individual tarts, sweets, and sushi. The package contains a tweezers and a stick made from bamboo specially designed for use with the gold petals.

Sprinkles (Shavings)

The tiny speckles come in two sizes: 80 mg to one gram and are for professional or home use. The sprinkles are made by crumbling the gold leaves in a special way allowing them to retain higher brilliance. These tiny speckles may be sprinkled on any type of food and may also be used to give that special scintillating effect to cocktails.

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